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Say hello to THE GRITSTICK and goodbye to the hassle of messy and unsanitary gym chalk. This dual ended GRITSTICK acts as a personal portable device that not only allows for quick, clean chalk application but also provides a space to keep miscellaneous items that get lost in the depths of your gym bag: handsanitizer, chapstick, Jewelry, keys, headphones, name it! 

Whether you’re an occasional gym goer or a professional athlete, THE GRITSTICK is sure to clean up your grip and improve your grit! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew McComber
Chalk without the mess.

I’m a new box owner and have mopped the floors A LOT. This product is convenient to stash in the gym bag and carry out to the floor for a metcon. Grips, water, grit stick. Easy! It dumps just the right amount of chalk to dry my hands and I’m good to go. I am considering getting them wholesale when I can.

Linda Shurpik

Must have for your gym bag. So much more efficient and clean!

Ray Bevins
Amazing product.

I absolutely in love with my gritstick. It is super easy to use and doesn’t create a mess all over. Even if I shake out to much I can put it right back in. After 27 years in the military this is a product I will use in the gym every time I go. I highly recommend this product for anyone that uses powder for lifting.

Sean K
Great Idea Executed Well

Gritstick is a very useful gadget to have in your bag and is well constructed. Service was great as well.

Best Invention Ever!!!

I purchased the GritStick for a friend who constantly had white chalk stains all over his black clothes. Each time he hugged me the chalk would transfer onto my cute outfit. Uhhhggg!!! No 👎 I kept thinking there has to be a better solution. That's when I came across the Grit Stick. I couldn't believe the ease of how this product works. And better yet.... No white chalky mess all over your clothes. If you're an avid chalk user, DON'T WAIT!!! Get yourself a Grit Stick today. Better yet ...purchase 2. One for you and a friend. Great product!!!! Kudos to the inventor 🙌