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Say hello to THE GRITSTICK and goodbye to the hassle of messy and unsanitary gym chalk. This dual ended GRITSTICK acts as a personal portable device that not only allows for quick, clean chalk application but also provides a space to keep miscellaneous items that get lost in the depths of your gym bag: handsanitizer, chapstick, Jewelry, keys, headphones, name it! 

Whether you’re an occasional gym goer or a professional athlete, THE GRITSTICK is sure to clean up your grip and improve your grit! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Truly terrible -- Little better than Landfill

Ideally, this would be a piece of gym equipment you could toss in your gym bag and dispense chalk onto your hands relatively mess free.

That is not the case.

The lid pops off with no effort whatsoever. So anytime it's in your bag, you'll find the entire contents of the bag filled with chalk dust.

The supplied chalk has the consistency of flour. Any attempt at a clean application will litter the area around you with extremely finely ground chalk.

You can't fit any significantly sized piece of chalk in here -- powdered only.

Straight up, a better use of your money is a 10 cent gallon ziplock bag. It will not leak, it will hold your chalk, no matter the size, and the mess will be minimal.

I threw mine away, and would not accept one again if it were given to me for free.

Clever product!

I love my GritStick! I try my best to keep my garage gym clean but was constantly kicking over or tripping over my chalk bucket. Not any more. A little sprinkle and I have plenty of chalk to get the workout done. Also, I just hang the Stick on my rig so it's always in the same place. No more wondering where I moved the chalk bucket! Ha! Great little product!

Hugh Chapman


Andrew McComber
Chalk without the mess.

I’m a new box owner and have mopped the floors A LOT. This product is convenient to stash in the gym bag and carry out to the floor for a metcon. Grips, water, grit stick. Easy! It dumps just the right amount of chalk to dry my hands and I’m good to go. I am considering getting them wholesale when I can.

Linda Shurpik

Must have for your gym bag. So much more efficient and clean!