Welcome to PURE GRIT FITNESS, the home of the GRITSTICK and the PURE GRIT LIFE. 



Pure Grit Fitness is a small independently owned American based business. Cassandra, the owner and founder of Pure Grit Fitness is a registered Nurse turned Fitness Enthusiast, Personal Life Coach, and Mental Health Advocate that saw several needs amongst the health/wellness industry and since leaving her full time nursing career has been on mission to address those needs! 



Provide the highest quality services and products so that we can help strengthen, uplift and empower you to embrace and unleash that inner GRIT! 



  • SERVICE: We deliver our very best in all we do and hold ourselves accountable for the results of the products/services we provide. 
  • INTEGRITY: Integrity creates trust. As an organization, this is one of our most valued assets. At PGF we strive to infuse every action we take with honesty, fairness, and respect for our clients.
  • GROWTH: Here at PGF we are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve. As a result, we are not afraid to make mistakes. We make a continual effort to learn from others and our own struggles and victories. 
  • UNITY: STRONGER TOGETHER is the motto we live by. We truly believe in the power of community and inclusion. We are in this together!   #youarenotalone
  • GRIT: We commit to always persevere despite the trial or obstacles that come our way.