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Bundle and save!! THE GRITSTICK plus two GRITGRIPs. With this deal, you will never have to worry about going chalkless again!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Ben Ellestad
Grit Stick Bundle

The Grit Stick is a very good idea, however, it is messy. When the top flips open, chalk goes everywhere. On the equipment and all over the floor. A chalk bucket is a much cleaner way to operate if you are doing crossfit and are in a hurry to apply the chalk during a metcon. It does apply the perfect amount of chalk to your hands, which is nice. I'm not sure if I will buy more chalk replacements for the GritStick. I have only used it a handful of times so far because it takes a lot of extra time at the end of class to clean the chalk off of everything. I will update my review when i have worked through an entire chalk container

Tammy Cook
Love this Stick

Absolutely love my red GritStick! Keeps the mess down and is so convenient. Doesn’t take up much room in the gym bag or I hang it on the outside and I’m never looking for it!

Sergio Diaz

It’s great!! It’s very easy to carry in my bag and does not take up any to no extra space!

Mason Akers
Grit Stick Review

Hands down the best money I’ve spent on my home gym. It’s the perfect accessory for any gym rat, CrossFitter, or power lifter. Kudos to PureGrit for seeing a problem, and discovering an “easy” fix! Love my Grit Stick!

Josie Cooper

I LOVE the GritStick!! Convenient and clean, and I use it everyday. The chalk lasts a long time and is great quality. I love the hand sanitizer compartment. Never going back to other methods of chalk.